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Watch Lakers Center Timofey Mozgov Dab While Doing Push-Ups

Los Angeles Lakers center Timofey Mozgov probably won't be playing much more this season—not because he's injured, but because the coaches want t...

By: Rob Scott

After Scoring 40 Points Against the Cavs, D'Angelo Russell Went to the Gym to Keep Shooting

The Los Angeles Lakers are not having the season they wanted. They are currently 15th in the Western Conference with a record of 20-50. Though struggl...

By: Rob Scott

The Lakers Plan to Install a Shaq Statue and it Looks Freakin' Awesome

How do you say "thank you" to a player who, in eight seasons, helped you win three NBA Championships, earned three NBA Finals MVP awards and an NB...

By: Brandon Hall

Nick Young's Free-Throw Pump Fake Fools Everyone, Costs His Team a Possession

Nick Young—a.k.a. "Swaggy P"—has had his fair share of on-court bloopers. Everyone remembers the time the Los Angeles Lakers guard confiden...

By: Brandon Hall

The Player D'Angelo Russell Models His Game After Isn't Who You Think It Is

Los Angeles Lakers point guard D'Angelo Russell was born in 1996. Three years later, Manu Ginobli was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs. Ginboli is 19 ...

By: Jordan Zirm