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'Ill-Gotten Gains, Part 2' Coming This Week for 'GTA V'

Los Santos is set to receive a second influx of luxury goods on July 8, when Rock Star releases the "Ill-Gotten Gains Update: Part Two" for GTA V on ...

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Throw Snowballs in 'GTA Online' Christmas Update

When Christmas rolls through Los Santos this year, it'll bring heaps of snow, free gear (including ugly sweaters), special crate drops, and of course,...

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Is CJ Coming to 'GTA V'?

An innocuous statement made by the actor voicing Grand Theft Auto V's Franklin has taken the Internet by storm. During the IGN GTA V panel at New...

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Rockstar Offers GTA$ to Make Amends for 'GTA Online' Glitches

Rockstar Games has announced a plan to make amends for GTA Online's SimCity-like kick-off. Although the single player game, which was released in ...

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Rockstar Addresses Concerns Over Cash Cards in 'GTA Online'

Last week, new details came out concerning GTA Online ahead of its October 1 release. The leak revealed the existence of "Cash Cards," which would a...

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