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A Complete Guide to the Hip Hinge

The hip hinge is a foundational movement pattern that is more relevant in this day and age than arguably any other pattern. Think about it: as you're...

By: Georges Dagher

5 Back-Friendly Exercises That Build Your Glutes and Hamstrings

In the previous installment, I detailed knee-dominant exercises athletes dealing with back pain can use to build lower body strength while staying...

By: Yunus Barisik

Build a Rock-Solid Core With the Hollow Body Hold

Gymnasts of all levels from 6 year old beginners to elite level competitors use the hollow body hold to obtain an iron core. While this is A very...

By: Jimmy Schroader

Bird Dog Exercise Variations for Core Strength and Back Health

The quadruped bird dog exercise has been a popular core and spinal stabilization drill for quite some time. Made famous by low back specialists and...

By: Joel Seedman

5 Unique Core Exercises That Will Crush Your Abs

Stop doing so many crunches and toe touches! Seriously. You are only training your core in one direction. The core exercises below are very dynamic and...

By: Ramon Williams