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Reduce Your Odds of Suffering Low Back Pain

About 90 percent of athletes experience low back pain at some point in their lives. But there are things you can do to minimize the risk of sufferi...

By: Chris Costa

Volleyball Players: Avoid Low Back Pain With This Stretching Technique

Sore low backs are common among volleyball players midway through the season. Despite their athleticism and dedicated training, many players suffe...

By: Tony Duckwall

Decrease Back Pain With Inversion Therapy

Ever have back pain that you simply can't cure?  Inversion therapy may offer relief. Inversion therapy is a form of treatment that involves hang...

By: Brian Lebo

Athlete's Guide to Back Injury Rehabilitation

Are you suffering from a lower back injury?  The following are some strategies your team physician, athletic trainer, physical therapist or conditi...

By: Z Altug

Cure and Avoid Low Back Pain With These Rehab Techniques

Up to 80 percent of the world suffers from back pain, specifically lower back pain, at one point or another. Although leading an athletic lifestyle ...

By: Skyword

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Jason McVeigh on Basketball Ankle Sprains

University of Tennessee head athletic trainer Jason McVeigh discusses different ankle sprains that can occur while playing basketball.