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6 Side Plank Exercises You Should be Doing Instead of Weighted Side Bends

I cringe when I see weighted side bends. They're doing more harm than good, and yet I still see them being done by unknowing folks who think they're...

By: Tim DiFrancesco

This Modification Makes Russian Twists Way More Effective (and Safer!)

The Russian Twist is a popular core exercise that improves oblique strength and definition. The exercise, typically performed with a medicine ball, in...

By: Andy Haley

Hip Thrust: The Most Important Exercise You're Not Doing

How to Hip Thrust for Maximal Performance There are four leg exercises that every athlete should be doing: Squats, Dead Lifts, and Bulgarian Split...

By: Chris Hitchko

6 Upper-Back Stretches That Improve Mobility and Reduce Pain

6 ESSENTIAL UPPER BODY MOBILITY DRILLS If you are a trainer or coach then you will more than likely be pretty well versed about the role of the thoracic...

By: Travis Hansen

'Neutral Spine' Defined: How Your Back Should Be Positioned When You Lift Weights

A neutral spine refers to the ideal spinal position you should try to maintain all day, every day. Whether you're an athlete or a desk worker, knowi...

By: Andy Haley

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AJ Hawk Explosive Med Ball Hypers

AJ Hawk, Green Bay Packers LB, improves his lower back and hip explosive strength with Explosive Med Ball Hypers.

UCLA Women’s Soccer Reverse Hypers

UCLA women’s soccer team assistant strength and conditioning coach Craig Sowers discusses how to properly perform the Reverse Hypers as the Lady Bruins perform the exercise.

Maryland Women's Soccer Physioball Hyper Extension

The Terrapins use Physioball Hyper Extensions with coaching points from University of Maryland assistant strength coach Barry Kagan.

Duke Lacrosse Reverse Hyper

Duke University Men's Lacrosse executes a Reverse Hyper with coaching from strength and conditioning coordinator Randall Dorvin.

Cal State Baseball Single-Arm Row

With coaching by head S+C coach Greg Vandermade, the Cal State Fullerton Titan baseball team executes the Single-Arm Row to strengthen their shoulders and back.