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How to Create a Back Workout That Actually Works

Back workouts are an essential component of a complete training program that develops strong, powerful and resilient athletes. The back includes some ...

By: Andy Haley

The Best Sciatic Nerve Stretch Exercises to Alleviate Leg Pain

Do you suffer from chronic leg and hip pain that simply won't go away? If so, there's a good chance that you have sciatica, or pain that's caused by p...

By: Andy Haley

5 Best Stretches to Reset Your Body After Sitting for Several Hours

The amount of time spent sitting has reached an all time high in today's society. Between working at a desk, commuting, watching TV, and texting, it's...

By: Kevin Warren

The New Type of Elliptical Machine That Burns Fat Faster and Works Your Glutes and Core Harder

The elliptical is a staple of the modern gym. That doesn't mean it's a great machine. While the elliptical is certainly better than nothing, many a...

By: Brandon Hall

6 Side Plank Exercises You Should be Doing Instead of Weighted Side Bends

I cringe when I see weighted side bends. They're doing more harm than good, and yet I still see them being done by unknowing folks who think they're...

By: Tim DiFrancesco

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AJ Hawk Explosive Med Ball Hypers

AJ Hawk, Green Bay Packers LB, improves his lower back and hip explosive strength with Explosive Med Ball Hypers.

UCLA Women’s Soccer Reverse Hypers

UCLA women’s soccer team assistant strength and conditioning coach Craig Sowers discusses how to properly perform the Reverse Hypers as the Lady Bruins perform the exercise.

Maryland Women's Soccer Physioball Hyper Extension

The Terrapins use Physioball Hyper Extensions with coaching points from University of Maryland assistant strength coach Barry Kagan.

Duke Lacrosse Reverse Hyper

Duke University Men's Lacrosse executes a Reverse Hyper with coaching from strength and conditioning coordinator Randall Dorvin.

Cal State Baseball Single-Arm Row

With coaching by head S+C coach Greg Vandermade, the Cal State Fullerton Titan baseball team executes the Single-Arm Row to strengthen their shoulders and back.