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Does Cupping Therapy Actually Work?

Effectiveness of Cupping of post-exercise soreness and movement restoration Though Cupping Therapyh has just recently gained popularity in the world of...

By: Travis Hash

The Complete Solution for Fixing Lower-Back Pain

Even the strongest athletes have aches and pains they must deal with. Aches and pains are a byproduct of pushing your body to the limit in the gym a...

By: Andy Haley

5 Reasons Why Your Back Pain Won't Go Away

No one likes back injuries, but they are a huge problem for athletes. The University of Maryland estimates that five to 10 percent of all athletic...

By: STACK Staff

Back Savers For Improved Performance: Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Let's face it, injuries are a part of the game. As we continue to train and play sports, stress will accumulate. If you say otherwise, you're either a...

By: Dre Delos Santos

Ask the Experts: Why Do I Get Extremely Sore After a New Workout?

Q: Why Do I Get Extremely Sore After Starting a New Workout Program? A: We've all been there. You hit the weights for the first time in a while or ...

By: Andy Haley