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Power starts from the ground up, so it's important for athletes to train their lower body with complex movements that tax different muscle groups in various ways. Whether you're trying to Squat more or just looking for more exercises to add to your routine, we've got plenty of specifics to help you learn why training your lower body is important and tips for how to do it more effectively.

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4 Low-Back-Friendly Deadlift Alternatives

The Deadlift is by far one of the most beneficial exercises out there. It can be used to build great strength in the hips, lower back extensors, upper...

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Build a Strong Lower Body With This Little-Known Deadlift Variation

There's a new twist on the old but effective Jefferson Deadlift. What is its unique element? The Plié' squat. If you've ever taken ballet classes, this...

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The Perfect Baseball Warm-Up

Does your pre-game baseball warm-up improve your on-field performance and range of motion? Is your warm-up exciting your central nervous system and...

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Trap Bar Exercises for Upper-Body Gains

The Trap Bar or Hex Bar, depending on what you have heard it referred as, has been touted as an alternative to a straight bar deadlift for many people....

By: Chris Cooper

Build Explosive Legs With This Insane Lower-Body Circuit

The best part about lower body training is that in almost every move you do, you have to engage your entire body. Without a doubt, I've found that for...

By: Ben Boudro

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