Build muscle with the Lunge, one of the best exercises for an athlete trying to build lower body power. Discover variations that are effective no matter what you sport you play, and learn technique keys from pro and college strength coaches to make sure you're performing Lunges—and its variations—properly.

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When typically used, furniture movers tend to make our lives a little bit easier. They enable us to move furniture all over the place while barely...

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Intensify Off-Season Workouts And Add Muscle with the Superset Dropset Method By Jim Carpentier, CSCS Have those reps and sets become repetitious? Stuck...

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The Off-Season Training and Motivation Behind Los Angeles Sparks Star Candace Parker's Season-High Night

Los Angeles Sparks forward Candace Parker had a magical performance last night. Coming back from a 22-point deficit, Parker put the team on her back, ...

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This Lunge Variation Will Torch Your Glutes and Quads

I'm sure you've done a Forward Lunge, and there's a good chance you've done a Reverse Lunge. But have you ever combined the two moves into one exerc...

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The Single-Leg Kettlebell Swap Is the Most Important Exercise You're Not Doing

Improving foot, ankle, and hip function is something I work quite extensively on with my athletes and clients. One exercise I use on a consistent basis...

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