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Madden Mondays: Be a Better Mobile QB With the Triple Option

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Calling BS on The Madden Curse

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The 4 Biggest Upgrades in "Madden 13"

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Laurence Maroney's Madden Bowl Strategy

New England Patriots running back Laurence Maroney hits the red carpet and reveals his strategy for competing in Madden Bowl XIV.

Madden Bowl XIV Game With Fame

Pro Bowl linebackers Shawne Merriman of the San Diego Chargers and Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers play Madden and NFL Tour against fans across the country in the Madden Bowl XIV Game with Fame.

Terrell Thomas' Madden Bowl Experience

New York Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas talks about how he plans to enjoy Madden Bowl XIV by hitting the sticks.

Alex Smith's Thoughts on Madden Bowl XIV

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Alex Smith talks about his plans for Madden Bowl XIV and reflects on his previous two championships.

Madden Bowl XIV

Top NFL players test their gaming skills at Madden Bowl XIV. Competitors include Laurency Maroney, Chad Johnson, Jason Witten, Willis McGahee, Patrick Willis, Shawne Merriman, Marshawn Lynch and Kellen Winslow Jr.