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Ben Affleck Opens Up About Playing Batman

When news first broke that Ben Affleck would be portrayed Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film, not too many people were excited. Still...

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Saban Films Picks Up John Travolta's 'I Am Wrath'

A deal was struck at the Cannes Film Festival in which Saban Films picked up the North American rights to the action thriller I Am Wrath, starring Joh...

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LEAKED TRAILER: 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice'

On Wednesday, Zack Snyder released a short clip from the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, teasing the impending arri...

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Will Superman Appear in CBS's 'Supergirl' Series?

The latest rumors surrounding CBS's upcoming superhero TV series Supergirl point to a cameo appearance by none other than The Man of Steel himself. ...

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Will DC Release 'Shazam' Movie After All?

Shazam's journey to a theatrical release has been long and arduous. But if a recent list released by regarding WB's upcoming DC Uni...

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