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5 Key Foods to Maximize Your Recovery After Running a Marathon

Just because running isn't a contact sport doesn't mean that there's no risk of injury. The sheer physical and mental fortitude necessary to run 26.2...

By: Kristine Don

How to Get Down to Your Ideal Running Weight

Your body composition plays a major role in your running capabilities. Multiple studies have found that a runner's speed is directly correlated to their...

By: Gary Moller

Why America's Fastest Marathoner Started Working Out Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Nine years ago, if you had told me that Ryan Hall would one day be talking about bulking and cutting, and which bodybuilding books he liked best, I...

By: Brian Sabin

10 Things I Learned Running My First Ultramarathon

When I finished my first ultramarathon, I could not help but marvel at my own stupidity. My friends had to drive me home, because I could not do it...

By: STACK Staff

Under Armour Introduces the SpeedForm Apollo Running Shoe

In its Spring 2014 product line, Under Armour is taking its running footwear a step further with the redesigned SpeedForm Apollo running shoe, which...

By: Annie Koeblitz