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Female Marine Wants To Equalize Training For Women In the Corps

Standing 4-feet-10, Marine Maj. Misty Posey wants to change the way Pull-Ups are trained. Posey wants women to be able to perform Pull-Ups for ...

By: Cameron Fields

Re-Thinking the Push-Up With the Perfect Push-Up

It is not a secret that I love pushups. They were a staple in my exercise programming in the Marine Corps, and continue to be one of my all time...

By: George Kalantzis

The 'Train Like a Marine' Workout: A HITT Plan

Last time we brought to you the general idea behind the Marine Corps High Intensity Tactical Training(HITT) , in the train like a Marine workout. In...

By: George Kalantzis

How to Get Fit Like a Marine

By: George Kalantzis

Watch the U. S. Marines Train the UConn Women's Basketball Team

Last week, University of Connecticut women's basketball junior point guard Moriah Jefferson woke up for 6 a.m. practice. It was not a typical pre-se...

By: Maddy Lucier