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Stop Obsessing Over Your One-Rep Max

"How much do you bench, bro?" Right now in a gym somewhere, some lifter just asked someone else this question, and far too often this is not only asked...

By: Samuel Feldman

Watch Oregon DL Henry Mondeaux's Monstrous 635-Pound Squat Max

As the start of training camp draws near, many college football players are maxing out to see the type of strength and speed gains they made during th...

By: Brandon Hall

How to Max Out in the Weight Room Without Getting Hurt

STACK Magazine: 5 Max Strength Tests that Won't Get You Hurt By: Matt WHY Test? So you want to know your one rep max,...

By: Matt Grimm

How to Build Functional and Durable Muscle for Sports Performance

The Protective Mechanisms of MuscleZ For Athletes Have you ever wondered how NFL running backs endure such punishment throughout the football season, or...

By: John Rusin

WATCH: Penn State Running Back Power Cleans 390 Pounds, Breaks Multiple School Records

Penn State running back Saquon Barkley had an impressive freshman season. He broke his team's freshman rushing record with 1,076 yards and tied the ...

By: Rob Scott