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Rotational Chops: The Key to Increasing Your Throwing and Swinging Power

In order to improve rotational power, which is essential for any rotational athlete (that includes you who only plays golf on weekends), it has to first...

By: Chris Cooper

6 Push-Up Variations to Build Strength and Improve Shoulder Health

Push-Ups are a staple for building upper-body strength. They target the chest, shoulders, and triceps, engage the core and require no equipment or spo...

By: Anthony Yeung

How to Create an Effective Workout in a Crowded Gym

Improvised Productive Workouts inside an Overcrowded Gym or Outdoors By Jim Carpentier, CSCS Coaches and athletes must improvise when game strategy...

By: Jim Carpentier

Rapidly Improve Your Endurance With These Workout Finishers

Add opposing ladders as a workout finisher to the end of a training session or if you're short on time, this will be sure to give you a tough workout...

By: Pui Lok Choi

How Training to Resist Movement Makes You Stronger

To become a better athlete you must train in all planes of motion.. This means you must train in the frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes. In...

By: John Papp

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How to Perform Med Ball Push to Sprints

One great drill to work on your first-step quickness and acceleration is the Med Ball Push to Sprint. It forces you to get into an athletic stance and use your body to explosively throw a med ball before transitioning into a short sprint.

How to Perform Overhead Medball Tosses

The Overhead Med Ball Toss is a simple exercise that develops your triple extension explosiveness and helps you become a better athlete.

Georgia Softball Overhead Med Ball Sit-Up

UGA Softball performs Overhead Med Ball Sit-Ups with instruction by strength and conditioning coach Tyler Jorgensen.

Duke Lacrosse Hamstring Dips

Strength and conditioning coordinator Randall Dorvin drills Duke University Men's Lacrosse with Hamstring Dips.

Duke Lacrosse Med Ball Rotation Throws

With coaching by strength and conditioning coordinator Randall Dorvin, the Duke University Men's Lacrosse team performs Med Ball Rotation Throws.