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Texas Big Man Myles Turner's Improved Explosiveness Has Him Poised to be a Top-10 NBA Draft Pick

With the NBA Draft rapidly approaching, Myles Turner, who spent one season at the University of Texas before declaring for the draft, has complete...

By: Jordan Zirm

Softball Performance: Training Your Hips the Right Way

Like any other sport to improve your softball performance you must train the right parts of the body the right way. Softball is a sport that requires...

By: Mo Skelton

Corrective Exercises for Knee Valgus

I've seen a huge change in the fitness industry in the corrective exercises department - their time is spent trying to fix weaknesses from poor posture!...

By: Chris Hitchko

Ask the Experts: My Knees Collapse Inward When I Jump. Is That Bad?

Ask the Experts: My Knees From Collapse Inward When I Jump. Is That Bad? Your first step: Send a thank you card to your coach. Knees that colla...

By: Andy Haley

How the Fire Hydrant Exercise Can Improve Your Performance

The Fire Hydrant exercise is extremely popular among those looking for a firmer butt. But just because it's a staple in most "butt lift" videos does...

By: Andy Haley