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A Fat-Loss Workout Strategy for Athletes That Actually Works

In most sports, the leaner, more powerful athletes enjoy an unfair advantage. With the Olympics going on now you can see this is evident in many of the...

By: Beau Bradbury

STUDY: Does Steady-State Cardio Kill Your Metabolism?

For some, cardio is the Holy Grail of fitness. For others, it's a gigantic waste of time. There are a few reasons for the negativity against cardio...

By: Andy Haley

How Many Calories Do I Need in a Day?

The first step in making any body composition change, even before asking, "How many calories do I need?" is to decide your goal and which caloric state...

By: Mason Woodruff

Losing Weight Without Going to Extremes

Eating healthy foods and avoiding burgers and ice cream—good nutrition practice, but not necessarily an effective weight loss program. You migh...

By: Kedric Kwan

Tighten Your Abs with Interval Training

Losing weight around your midsection is not easy. You can do a thousand Crunches a day and not see much improvement.Why? Because you burn calories...

By: Chris Costa