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Sprinting Tips from Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Johnson

One thing that might be slowing you down is your sprinting technique. We see it all the time. Athletes don't learn the fundamentals early on in their...

Michael Johnson's Guide to a Faster 40

The 40-Yard Dash is the ultimate measure of explosive speed—which is why many football coaches put such a high value on it when scouting players. Bu...

Fitness Fail Friday: Chinese Athlete Hurdles in the Most American Way Possible

Each Friday, STACK brings you a video of an exercise gone horribly wrong. You may or may not learn something from it, but you will laugh very hard. ...

40-Yard Dash Form Tips From the Pros

"Speed is a skill. It can be taught like any other skill," writes Loren Seagrave in his paper Systematic Approach to Teaching and Training the 40-Ya...

Locker Room Quotes: Week of March 18

Every morning, STACK posts an inspirational quote on Facebook and Twitter to get you up and running. An articulate and powerful quote can go f...

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