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Solidify Strength Gains With This 3-Minute Cooldown Routine

Gains are not made in the gym. Gains are made hours after the gym, when your body is in recovery mode, refueled, and rested for optimal adaptation. So...

By: PJ Nestler

How to Stay Mentally Strong on the Golf Course

Golf has an ironic relationship with time. While it takes around 3-5 hours to complete a round, you're only actually performing a fraction of that time....

By: Joseph Kennedy

How Alex Morgan Gets Her Mind Right Before Games

U.S. Women's National Soccer Team forward Alex Morgan is known for making plenty of noise with her play on the field. The speedy scorer has a penchant...

By: Brian Sabin

3 Strategies to Reduce Stress and Increase Athletic Performance

Sometimes the most difficult opponent an athlete faces is stress. Armed with the ability to attack quickly and powerfully, stress can hinder an...

By: Steve Brown

Athletic Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is one of the most popular fitness crazes in the last few years, but does it give any benefits beyond regular yoga or other workouts? Hot, or...

By: Joe Batista