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How Energy Systems Training Can Help You Be Better at Your Sport

When athletes and coaches think about conditioning it often times involves endless bouts of suicides, stair runs, and sprints with reckless abandonment....

By: Alex Rosencutter

The Easy Way to Get More Energy

When you're an athlete on the move, somebody is bound to ask where you get all your stamina and energy. Do your part to increase our society's biologi...

By: Dr. Mike Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz

3 Ways to Develop Fast-Twitch Muscles

So you want to be as strong as the Hulk, as fast as Flash, and as awesome as Superman. The secret to unlocking your superhuman potential may just lie...

By: Josh Williams

STUDY: Too Much Vitamin C Hampers Endurance Athletes

Too much of a good thing is not good for you. That's what researchers at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences concluded following a study of how s...

By: Sam DeHority

Alactic vs. Aerobic: Could You Be Doing the Wrong Exercises?

Athletes and coaches tend to think more is better—that the athlete who's the most tired at the end of the day had the most productive training ses...

By: Vinny Caposio