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STACK Approved: Mizuno Wave Rider 15

For 15 years, the Mizuno Wave Rider has been a popular choice among runners looking for a comfortable yet durable running shoe. To commemorate the s...

Protect Your Feet With Mizuno's New Wave Enigma Running Shoe

Regardless of your preferred training surface—road, track, trail, grass or sand—constantly pounding on the ground beats up your soles. Reason enou...

Minimalist Running Shoes Top Trend at NYC Running Show

New York—site of the annual ING New York City Marathon—boasts a large and colorful constituency of fervent running enthusiasts, from beginners...

Mizuno Wave Prophecy Exclusive Interview

Lighter, lower, firmer shoes are a trend in top flight running kicks, but for Mizuno, according to Rod Foley, director of marketing for athletic foo...

Court Shoes for Volleyball

As you dish out your court skills, your opponents aren't the only ones taking a serious beating. So do your feet, which is why you need to protect the...

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