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Deron Williams Considers an MMA Career 'Realistic' After He Retires From the NBA

Deron Williams is in the twilight of his NBA career. The 32-year-old point guard is on a one-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks, where he's cu...

By: Brandon Hall

The Training Secrets Behind Tyron Woodley's Wicked Knockout Punch at UFC 201

Tyron Woodley won his first UFC title in spectacular fashion. At UFC 201 on Saturday night, it took Woodley just 2 minutes and 12 seconds to kn...

By: Brandon Hall

30-Year-Old Free Agent Donte Whitner Is Working Hard to Impress NFL Teams

Ex-Cleveland Browns strong safety Donte Whitner has not been taking the off-season lightly. The free agent has been working hard in the gym hoping to ...

By: Rob Scott

How Martial Arts Training is Making Elite NFL Pass Rushers Unstoppable

Control the trenches. That might sound like a battle plan from World War I, but it's also the key to winning football games. We saw it during the D...

By: Brandon Hall

DeMarco Murray Talks Off-Season Training, Moving Past Last Season and His Love of 'Game of Thrones'

To call running back DeMarco Murray's 2015 NFL season turbulent is like calling Dennis Rodman eccentric; it's a gross understatement. After rushing fo...

By: Jordan Zirm

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Chael Sonnen Talks Trash, Training and UFC Undisputed 3

Chael Sonnen discusses his training background, talks about his animosity towards UFC legend Anderson "The Spider" Silva, and explains why he's looking forward to playing UFC Undisputed 3.

Herschel Walker's MMA Workout

Learn about the exercises former NFL All-Pro RB and current MMA fighter Herschel Walker performs as part of his MMA Conditioning Circuit.

Herschel Walker Hip Activation Series

In this training video, Herschel Walker performs a series of Sidewinder Band Walks and Sled Pulls, exercises that help activate the hips and mimic the movements he performs in an MMA fight.

Herschel Walker on Being a D1 Athlete

Herschel Walker, a former NFL All-Pro, current MMA fighter and lifetime fitness enthusiast, talks about how training at D1 helps athletes gain a competitive edge on the playing field.

Herschel Walker's MMA Workout

Former NFL All-Pro running back-turned-MMA fighter Herschel Walker performs a circuit-style workout at D1 Sports Training in Savannah, Ga. Watch the Herschel Walker workout exclusively at