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How to Choose the Best Running Shoe for Yourself

Unlike most team sports, cross country is the one sport where you need very little gear or equipment. However, one of the few and most important pieces...

By: Andrew Meyers

Treat Your Feet Right: When to Replace Your Worn Out Shoes

Your shoes are more than a fashion statement; they are an investment for your whole body. Wearing worn out shoes can have extreme consequences on how...

By: Jennifer Miller

adidas Launches the adiZero Crazy Light 3 Basketball Sneaker

When you think of NBA point guards Ricky Rubio, Mike Conley Jr. and Jrue Holiday, speed has to be one of the first things that come to mind. It make...

By: STACK Staff

An Athlete's Guide to Buying Shoes

Perhaps Nelly said it best in his song Air Force Ones: "I said give me two pairs 'cause I need two pairs." Like Nelly, athletes can't have just ...

By: Skyword

Guide to Common Running Terminology

You thought the hardest part of becoming a runner was actually hitting the pavement. That is, until you joined a running club or group and tried to ...

By: Skyword