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How Athletes Should Supplement Their Diets

As a strength and conditioning professional, I'm not a big supplement advocate. I advise most of the athletes I train to get their nutrition throu...

By: Brian Lebo

9 Eating Essentials

Ask any expert: the best way to optimize your physical efforts is to eat correctly. Start with Jose Antonio, CEO of the International Society of Spo...

By: Sarah Gearhart

Best Multivitamins

Your defense is sick, but how well does your body defend against sickness? Missing the big game bedridden with the flu is a hard pill to swallow....

By: Sarah Gearhart

Top Vitamin Supplements

No matter how well you eat, you can still come up short on what your body needs. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can lead to weak muscles and f...

By: Sarah Gearhart

The different types of multivitamins

By: Chad Zimmerman Nourishing your body with the proper diet, vitamins and minerals is indisputably important. Unfortunately, few athletes get the j...

By: Chad Zimmerman