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Will a 2-Week Break From Training Ruin Your Strength?

Athletes spend months building a foundation of muscle and strength only to see it wither away when a vacation, injury, or unexpected time off occurs....

By: Jake Tuura

3 Metabolism Myths That Need To Die Immediately

Metabolism. It's a simple word that encompasses so much. Metabolism is defined as "the chemical and physical processes by which a living thing uses...

By: Brandon Hall

Cleveland Indians Infielder Yandy Diaz Is the Most Jacked Player in Baseball

The Cleveland Indians will have some new muscle in their lineup to start the 2017 season. Yandy Diaz, who batted .325 in 95 games at Triple-A C...

By: Brandon Hall

Build More Muscle With Weightlifting Pyramid Sets

If you use this precious time wisely to build muscle mass, you will surely strike fear into your opponent the next go around.The moment of truth has...

By: Beau Bradbury

How to Build Functional and Durable Muscle for Sports Performance

The Protective Mechanisms of MuscleZ For Athletes Have you ever wondered how NFL running backs endure such punishment throughout the football season, or...

By: John Rusin

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Wendy Meyer Sterling discusses her role as the NY Jets’ nutrition consultant.

How to Safely Increase Muscle Mass

New York Jets nutrition consultant Wendy Meyer Sterling explains the best way to build lean muscle mass.

How Alcohol Can Impact Your Growth

Intensified dehydration and delayed recovery are among the outcomes of drinking at a young age. Sports nutritionist Leslie Bonci explains additional destructive effects of alcohol consumption.