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Build More Muscle With Weightlifting Pyramid Sets

If you use this precious time wisely to build muscle mass, you will surely strike fear into your opponent the next go around.The moment of truth has...

By: Beau Bradbury

Take the Triple Squat Challenge to Add Leg Strength and Size

The many benefits of Front Squats, Back Squats and Split Squats have been well documented by strength coaches and sports scientists alike, over...

By: Tim Hanway

How to Build Functional and Durable Muscle for Sports Performance

The Protective Mechanisms of MuscleZ For Athletes Have you ever wondered how NFL running backs endure such punishment throughout the football season, or...

By: John Rusin

An Athlete's Guide to Building Muscle

At this point there is so much literature on building muscle or hypertrophy development, although, I don't believe there is a definitive guide for...

By: Travis Hansen

Study Reveals a More Effective Way to Build Muscle

For the longest time, muscle-building workouts have followed a fairly standard formula. To cause hypertrophy, the technical term for muscle growth, ...

By: Andy Haley