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Are Common Pain Relievers Ruining Your Workouts?

Introduction: NSAID's or Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs are a common over the counter medication used to treat a variety of ailments. In Layman's...

By: Hayden Snider

The Best Times to Drink a Protein Shake

Before answering the question, "When should I drink a protein shake?" let's explain why you should be drinking a protein shake in the first place. The...

By: Mason Woodruff

Why You Need a Bedtime Snack

Sleep, necessary to rebuild damaged muscles, rest the heart, and mentally recharge you for a new day of training. During the 7-10 hours you spend...

By: Katie Moore

The Truth About Eating Before Bed

"Eating before bed makes you gain fat." Sigh. Eating right before bed does not make you gain fat, and quite actually will not only help you build...

By: Alex Rosencutter