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4 Essential Recovery Techniques for Every Athlete

Essential Active Recovery Tips: Be Sure to Follow the Two "W's" and Two "S's" By Jim Carpentier, CSCS Your recovery behavior following intense workouts,...

By: Jim Carpentier

The TheraGun: The Recovery Tool Athletes Actually Like Using

The recovery tool that's taking the sports world by storm looks like an electric drill. It works like one, too. Press the button and it whirs t...

By: Brandon Hall

Why Pro Athletes Are Flocking To An Instrument-Assisted Healing Method Known as The Graston Technique

There's a common saying in the world of sports: the best ability is availability. The quote is widely attributed to Bill Parcells, a legendary form...

By: Brandon Hall

How Long You Rest Between Sets Has a Huge Impact on Your Workout

You're Missing the Rest (Periods) of the Picture As a coach and trainer, I spend a lot of time watching people workout. Over the last 20 years or so...

By: Jesse McMeekin

Why is Drake Using LeBron James's High Tech Boots?

Drake likes to rub elbows with elite athletes. We've seen him in the first row at almost every major sporting event, talking trash here and there,...

By: Brandon Hall

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