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Make Way for the Samsung Galaxy Music

The new Samsung Galaxy Music, already being dubbed the disco phone, should be perfect for people who can't live without their favorite playlists but...

By: SkywordNews

Sony SmartWatch Takes Your Smartphone From Your Pocket to Your Wrist

Sony has developed a sleek SmartWatch that syncs with any smartphone or Android to keep you constantly connected to all your social networks. The ligh...

By: SkywordNews

Gear Up: Headphone Reviews

One way to reduce pre-game jitters is by listening to music (see #5 above). Check out these three options for staying calm before the game. Sku...

By: Andy Haley

JayBird's JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Buds Perfect for Intense Workouts

When they work out, athletes need their jams to keep themselves motivated throughout the grind. But headphones can prove cumbersome for exercises ...

By: Joe Baur

Listening to Music Helps Reduce Pre-Game Jitters

You're on the way to a game or getting suited up in the locker room. Like many other athletes, you're probably listening to your favorite music. B...

By: Andy Haley