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Exercise of the Week: In and Outs

STACK Exercise of the Week helps you improve your overall sports performance—including strength, speed, conditioning and flexibility. The Exercise ...

By: Andy Haley

Help Uncle Sam, Help You

The military offers several ways to earn money for college or repay your loans. Attend a Service Academy  Every student at the five U.S. service ac...

By: Dustin Brady

Learn the Murph CrossFit Workout

The author is a seven-year active member of the Florida Army National Guard. Many CrossFit workouts were created in memory of fallen soldiers, ...

By: Skyword

Learn to Develop a Warrior Mindset

Grueling football practices don't simply make you a better athlete. Someday, they might help you save lives. "My football career was the toughest th...

By: Dustin Brady

STACK Originals Presents: "The Short STACK," Episode 5

In this week's episode of our exclusive series, "The Short STACK," we give you an inside look at St. Louis Rams RB Steven Jackson's off-season wor...

By: STACK Staff

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2014 STACK Athlete Challenge: STACK Velocity Sports Performance (Tinley Park)

STACK teamed up with the National Guard to host a six-part fitness assessment for high school athletes. The event took place at STACK Velocity Sports Performance in Tinley Park, Il.

National Guard: Tempo Core Exercise with USA Luge

Improve core strength and conditioning with a brutal core tempo workout from Olympic luge athlete Sgt. Matt Mortensen.

National Guard: Muscle-Ups With USA Luge

Sgt. Preston Griffall demonstrates the Muscle-Up, a difficult bodyweight exercise designed to build upper-body explosiveness.

National Guard: Bent-Over Row With USA Luge

Olympic athlete Sgt. Matt Mortensen shows you the right way to perform a Bent-Over Row.

National Guard: Tricep Extensions With USA Luge

Olympic luge athlete Sgt. Preston Griffall explains why the Tricep Extension is so important to his sport and demonstrates the exercise.