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The Simple Diet Change That Helped Zach Parise Become an NHL All-Star

When Zach Parise first arrived in the NHL in 2005, he was just 21 years old. Like most 21-year-olds, he ate whatever required the least effort. For...

By: Brandon Hall

NHL Star Zach Parise Reveals His Favorite Drill For Building Extreme Skating Speed

Minnesota Wild winger Zach Parise understands the importance of speed in the NHL. His ability to turn on the jets and beat defenders is a big reason w...

By: Brandon Hall

Here's How Nashville Predators Fans Sneak Catfish Into Bridgestone Arena

Every sport has it's own weird traditions, but by far the weirdest ones relate to the National Hockey League. Detroit Red Wings fans are the OGs of ...

By: Rob Scott

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EA Sports NHL 11 Launch With Cover Athletes Toews and Kane

NHL 11 cover athlete Jonathan Toews, captain of the Chicago Blackhawks, the 2010 Stanley Cup champions, along with linemate Patrick Kane, headed to NYC for the launch event for EA Sports NHL 11.

Mike Green Lateral Speed Hurdles With Sprint

Mike Green of the NHL’s Washington Capitals performs Lateral Speed Hurdles with Sprint exercise as part of his agility and speed training, with coaching by president/director of athletic performance Doug Crashley of Crash Conditioning in Alberta.

Crash Conditioning Wiper With Drive

Doug Crashley of Crash Conditioning discusses how to perform the Wiper With Drive as part of his athletes’ strength training program that they focus on during their off-season.

Mike Green Rear Delt Raises

Washington Capitals defenseman Mike Green focuses on increasing his upper body strength with Rear Delt Raises with coaching by Crash Conditioning president/director of athletic performance Doug Crashley.

Crash Conditioning Heiden Jumps

In this hockey training video, Doug Crashley of Crash Conditioning discusses how to perform Heiden Jumps as part of his athletes’ off-season training program. The Heiden Jumps are used for lower body quickness training.