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The Best Sciatic Nerve Stretch Exercises to Alleviate Leg Pain

Do you suffer from chronic leg and hip pain that simply won't go away? If so, there's a good chance that you have sciatica, or pain that's caused by p...

By: Andy Haley

Why Staring at Your Phone is Ruining Your Spine

How much do you check your phone every day? Do you frequently surf the web, check social media and text your friends? If you're like most people, y...

By: Andy Haley

How to Build Strong Neck Muscles

The musculature of your neck is primarily dominated by the sternocleidomastoid and the splenius. These muscles are located at the front-sides and the...

By: Richard Choueiri

Build Strength, Stability and Power With These 3 Push-Up Variations

Push ups are an anaerobic body-weight exercise performed in the prone position on the transverse plane (horizontal plane) by flexing the elbows while...

By: Shaun Zetlin

Train Your Neck With These Warm-ups

neck warm-up Article #2 topic: Neck Training Warm-Up and On-Field Strength Training When athletes are in-season it is imperative to continue to...

By: Robert Taylor