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Daniel Murphy’s Upper-Body Baseball Strength Circuit

MLB second baseman Daniel Murphy performs three upper-body exercises that strengthen his chest and upper back.

José Bautista’s Med Ball Series for Hitting Power

Three-time Silver Slugger José Bautista performs a series of medicine ball exercises that build the rotational power and technique needed to smash home runs.

José Bautista’s Superset for Maintaining Shoulder Health

MLB All-Star right fielder José Bautista builds shoulder strength and stability with Half-Kneeling Kettlebell Rotations and Pull-Up Hangs, which reduce his risk of a shoulder injury during the baseball season.

How José Bautista Builds Lower-Body Power

José Bautista, six-time MLB All-Star right fielder, performs Kettlebell Swings during his off-season workout with strength coach Ryan Bruggeman. This exercise develops his glutes, which provide the power for hitting and throwing.

Daniel Murphy’s Pre-Workout Scap and Core Routine

MLB second baseman Daniel Murphy performs a core and scapula warm-up to restore mobility and prepare for his workout.