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Nintendo NX May Arrive in 2016—or Maybe Not

With all the rumors sprouting up at the top of this month around the Nintendo NX, the only certainty is: We know little about the highly anticipated c...

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Gamer Update: PlayStation 4 Games and Compatibility

The list of games gearing up for the PlayStation 4 release grows by the week. Deep Down, Destiny, Diablo III, Drive Club, Final Fantasy, Infamous: Sec...

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Xbox 720 Could Mean The End for Used Games

The rumor mill is spinning at full speed about whether users will be permitted to play used games on the new Xbox 720 console. According to Edge Mag...

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PlayStation 4 to Launch in February?

If you follow PlayStation on Facebook and Twitter, you may have seen this mysterious message on Thursday evening: "See the future." Attached was a l...

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Wii U Drops Nov. 18. Gamers Hyped

It seems the world of video gaming is changing almost daily. And on Nov. 18, that world will change once again, as Nintendo unleashes the long-awa...

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