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Check Out the University of Tennessee's New 'Smoky Mountain' Football Uniforms

Some sharp new football uniforms are coming to the University of Tennessee. As a part of the UT athletic program's switch from adidas to Nike apparel...

By: Brandon Hall

2014 Summer Training Guide: Football

Football summer training program by Ron McKeefery, formerly of the Cincinnati Bengals and the University of Tennessee, current head football strength ...

By: Andy Haley

Get More Explosive on the Football Field With This Hip and Hamstring Workout

Hip and hamstring training for high school football players is of utmost importance. There is undoubtedly no more important area of a football player's...

By: Ryan Sprague

Get More Explosive Off the Line of Scrimmage Like DeSean Jackson

Think explosive starts are only helpful for running a fast 40-Yard Dash? For Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson, an explosive sta...

By: Zac Clark

Advanced High School Football Summer Conditioning Program

Football trianing is a year round job and football workouts should be specialized. Preparing your players for the upcoming season is what the off-season...

By: Giovanni Grassi

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Ndamukong Suh Blasts His Biceps

MJP performance director Lance Walker takes NFL star Ndamukong Suh through a grueling drop set of Supine Cable Bicep 100s to blast his biceps and offset the high volume of tricep work leading up to the exercise.

Jason Worilds' Barbell Rollout

Take your core strength to the next level with the Barbell Rollout, as demonstrated by Pittsburgh Steelers LB Jason Worilds.

Michael Johnson Performance: Improve Your Agility With Octagon Change of Direction Drills

In this episode of the Michael Johnson Performance Series, Brian Abadie shows you how to improve your agility and footwork with octagon change of direction drills.

Michael Johnson Performance Series: 3 Drills to Increase Your Top-End Speed

In this episode of the Michael Johnson Performance Series, Lindsey Andersen shows you three cone drills that can improve your top-end speed.

Michael Johnson Performance Series: The Chinese Hip Flexor Drill

In this episode of the Michael Johnson Performance Series, Brian Abadie shows you how to perform the Chinese Hip Flexor Drill to help you run a faster 40-Yard Dash.