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7 Reasons Athletes Are Going to Love CLIF's Nut Butter Bars

In mid April, the day before I ran the Boston Marathon, I had the opportunity to sample CLIF's yet-to-be-released Nut Butter Bars. Since that day, I...

By: Josh Staph

3 Nutrition Mistakes Endurance Athletes Make and How to Fix Them

It is no question that endurance athletes need more fuel than the average gym rat, but sometimes what you eat can do more harm than good and can...

By: Rebecca Scritchfield

Tips for Healthy Weight Gain

Tips for Healthy Weight Gain For most athletes, gaining weight can be harder than it sounds, especially if you want to do it the right way. Gaining...

By: Kait Fortunato

A Sports Dietitian's 6 Favorite Performance Snacks

Enough research has been presented so that active people know the importance of healthy eating. Athletes especially should understand the signific...

By: Heather Mangieri

4 Division I Football Tips for Muscle-Building Eating

To gain a competitive edge and be a formidable player right out of the gate next football season might require putting on bulk. Through my work wit...

By: Katie Davis