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FDA Approves New Nutrition Facts Label to More Accurately Reflect Serving Sizes and Amount of Added Sugar

The FDA announced today it has finalized a new and improved Nutrition Facts label aimed at helping people make more informed decisions about what ...

By: Brandon Hall

3 Simple Tricks That Make Eating Fast Food Way More Healthy

Eating at the drive-thru has always been considered a surefire way to increase your risk for obesity and other nutritionally related health proble...

By: Brandon Hall

How Can Zero-Calorie Diet Soda Be Bad for You?

Nutrition facts are supposed to be reliable. After all, they're regulated by the government and they're the most convenient way to get the low-dow...

By: Brandon Hall

Cheerios With Quinoa: Coming Soon to a Grocery Store Near You

Cereal makers are always adding new ingredients to their products to attract more customers and make their cereals taste better. Additions range f...

By: Brandon Hall

What's Fake and What's Real? The Ultimate Food Survival Guide

Food is not meant for pleasure as so many of us have been programmed to believe. It's got one true purpose: to provide our bodies with the vital nut...

By: Sima Cohen