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How to Make Protein Pancakes

Who doesn't love pancakes? They are a highly popular breakfast choice when athletes plan to lapse on their diet for a day. They can also make for a...

By: Roger Lockridge

A Recipe for Healthy Turkey Burgers

Photo: Azestybite Turkey burgers can be a healthy alternative to all beef patties, packed with lean fat, protein, and nutrients. The problem is most...

By: Andrew Meyers

6 Simple Tips to Help You Lose Belly Fat

There are no guarantees with weight loss. It's largely genetic. But you can help yourself out. These tips can help you lose weight overall, includ...

By: Katie Davis

Gain or Lose Weight With Oatmeal Pancakes

Wrestlers aren't the only athletes who need to gain or lose weight. Football players fluctuate between weight classes as well. In the off-season, so...

By: Tammy Kovaluk

Track Your Nutrition With the Food Plate

Last week, the USDA announced it is replacing the Food Pyramid with the Food Plate. The Pyramid had been the primary source of general nutritional gui...

By: Andy Haley