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Americans Epically Fail a Fitness IQ Test

Americans aren't doing too great when it comes to fitness. Over 68 percent of adults are considered overweight or obese, and childhood obesity continu...

By: Andy Haley

These 5 Alarming Stats Show Just How Bad the Average American Eats

It's an appropriate coincidence that the acronym for the Standard American Diet is SAD. Also known as the Western pattern diet, the SAD uses av...

By: Brandon Hall

Leptin: Could This Hormone Be The Reason It's So Difficult To Keep Weight Off?

Why is it so tough to keep weight off? It's a question many Americans struggle with. A 2015 study found an average obese person who lost more than ...

By: Brandon Hall

New U.K. Food Label Proposal Will Scare People Away From Processed Foods

Food goes down incredibly easy. Burning it off? Well, that's another story. This is a major problem facing our society. Too often exercise cannot c...

By: Andy Haley

Is This Common Ingredient Making You Eat Too Much? A New Study Has The Answer

Over 33 percent of American adults and nearly 20 percent of American children and adolescents are obese. These numbers might be a bit of a surprise,...

By: Brandon Hall