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Save 40% on the Hylete 6-in-1 Icon Backpack, The Only Bag You'll Ever Need

Traveling athletes have met their match. Whether you're hitting the road for a weekend tournament or an obstacle course race, you'll be able to stow e...

By: Brian Sabin

Get Fit With This Brutal Military-Inspired Workout

Confidence courses (aka obstacle courses) are part of military physical training. Obstacle Races are also reportedly the fastest growing participatory...

By: Tammy Kovaluk

A 9-Year Old Girl Completed a 24-Hour Navy SEALs Obstacle Race That Included a 36-Mile Run and Is Better Than You at Everything

Do you think you're tough because you play a contact sport? Or do you think you're a beast because you can bench more weight than your friends? W...

By: Andy Haley

'Team Ninja Warrior' in Development for Esquire Network

Team Ninja Warrior, a spin-off of the popular show American Ninja Warrior, is in the works for the Esquire Network. The project will offer a fresh tak...

By: SkywordNews

5 Ways to Stay in Shape During the NFL Off-Season with 'Madden Mobile'

1. Just because the Super Bowl has come and gone doesn't mean the season is over! Be on the lookout for special NFL Combine Live Events, including...

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