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3 Workout Finishers to Prepare for an Obstacle Course Race

Obstacle course race season is just starting. In these races you need to muster up all your strength and endurance to complete the race. This means you...

By: Joe Pepe

Save 40% on the Hylete 6-in-1 Icon Backpack, The Only Bag You'll Ever Need

Traveling athletes have met their match. Whether you're hitting the road for a weekend tournament or an obstacle course race, you'll be able to stow e...

By: Brian Sabin

Randy Moss Will Take on the Spartan Race Trifecta as His Next Fitness Challenge

After Randy Moss spent a 14-year NFL career running away from defensive backs, you'd think he would want to chill out. Isn't that the dream of retir...

By: Brandon Hall

Former D-I Gymnast Becomes First Female to Finish American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior is a reality TV show in which athletes compete in an obstacle course race that requires a combination of strength, agility an...

By: Annie Koeblitz

The Most Effective Form of Endurance Training

When it comes to improving one's aerobic capacity many still use long distance running as their main source of endurance training. The question is how...

By: Rob DeCillis