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4 New Year's Resolution Fitness Challenges You Should Try in 2017

For many people January 1st is more than the start of a new year, it's when they continue their annua traditions of making New Years resolutions. One of...

By: Roger Lockridge

17 Tips to Dominate an Obstacle Race From Spartan Race World Champion Jonathan Albon

The world's best obstacle racer is not human. I was certain of this 47 seconds into a conversation with Jonathan Albon, the "man" who has demolish...

By: Josh Staph

Obstacle Race Training: Get in Shape With This Finisher

The sled complex is a great obstacle race training "finisher" to your workout. Whether you are an obstacle racer, or looking for a fun alternative to...

By: Tammy Kovaluk

Dominate Obstacles With 4 Climbing Exercises

If you have ever done an obstacle race you will have notice that you not only have to have great endurance but you also have to have solid grip...

By: Rob DeCillis

Maximize Your Trail Running

Trail running is an essential component of training when preparing for any obstacle race or mud run. The majority of races are designed with some type...

By: Rob DeCillis