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3 Offensive Line Drills That'll Help You Keep Your QB Clean

The goal of pass protection is to keep your man off the quarterback. The more time you give your QB, the better he'll perform and the more games y...

By: Brandon Hall

4 Weight Room Exercises to Get Stronger on the Offensive Line

All around the country football team are getting back into the weight room for off season conditioning. Every athlete wants to be better than the year...

By: Chris Tamez

Football Lineman Workout: Front Squat to Press

Most sports require the ability to push into the ground with your feet and express force with your upper body. This skill however, may not be more...

By: Tony Duckwall

Youth Football Offensive Line Drills: The Fundamentals

When teaching a young athlete any position in any sport, it is key to reinforce the fundamentals of skill execution. When trying to teach youth football...

By: Bobby Best

Elite Lineman Training Guide: Bodyweight Exercises

Football games are won in the trenches. For a lineman to control the line of scrimmage, he must first successfully control his own body. The following 8...

By: J.R. Niklos

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Offensive Line Basics: How to Get into a Two-Point and Three-Point Stance

USA Football Master Trainer Chuck Kyle shows you how to get into a two-point and three-point offensive linemen stance.

Path to the Pros 2012: Offensive Linemen

Four of the top offensive line prospects of the 2012 NFL Draft talk about their hopes and expectations for playing at the next level.

Gabe Carimi Offensive Line Inside Pass Set

Gabe Carimi, NFL offensive tackle, performs the Offensive Line Inside Pass Set to improve hand technique and footwork during a training session at the LeCharles Bentley O-Line Academy.

Offensive Line Kick Set With Gabe Carimi

Gabe Carimi, NFL offensive tackle, improves his punching technique and footwork to become a better blocker during his training session at the LeCharles Bentley O-Line Academy.

Offensive Tackle Vertical Kick Technique With Gabe Carimi

NFL offensive tackle Gabe Carimi improves his vertical kick technique to prevent defenders from rushing around the edge and getting a sack.