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A Recipe for Healthy Turkey Burgers

Photo: Azestybite Turkey burgers can be a healthy alternative to all beef patties, packed with lean fat, protein, and nutrients. The problem is most...

By: Andrew Meyers

The Best Foods for Digestive Health

If you've ever taken antibiotics or struggled with common digestive issues like constipation and diarrhea, then your digestive tract has taken a...

By: Rebecca Scritchfield

5 Non-Boring Ways to Eat Ground Turkey

Photo via Thinkstock Student-athletes are busy people. STACK understands that. That's why we are bringing you our "Non-Boring Ways to Eat" s...

By: Sam DeHority

Natural Remedies for a Pulled Muscle to Keep You in the Game

Pulled Muscle Remedies So You Don't Miss A Game or Workout By Jim Carpentier, CSCS Pulled your hamstring sidestepping a linebacker in yesterday's...

By: Jim Carpentier

Paleo-Friendly Meals for CrossFit Athletes

The Paleo Diet, with its mantra "If the cavemen didn't eat it, you shouldn't either," has become increasingly popular with CrossFit athletes. It's...

By: Michelle Ann