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Tune in to see how Peyton Manning has become one of the most prolific passers in NFL history by relentlessly working to improve his power, agility, strength and flexibility each offseason.

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How Peyton Manning Stays Loose and Prevents Injury

Staying healthy and in the game are vital to Peyton Manning's success. Find out how he's stayed loose and healthy for the majority of his record-breaking NFL career.

How Peyton Manning Stays Quick and Agile in the Pocket

NFL All-Pro QB Peyton Manning isn't known for his speed, but his quickness and footwork in the pocket are exceptional, allowing him to evade rushers and hit open receivers. Check out the cutting-edge agility drills that power his performance.

Peyton Manning's Routine for a Powerful Lower Body

Throwing powerful, accurate passes doesn't depend on just your arm strength. NFL All-Pro QB Peyton Manning knows that much of his passing power is derived from his legs, so he focuses on developing and strengthening the key muscles of his lower body.

All-Pro Core Power With Peyton Manning

Whether he's breaking tackles or generating velocity on his passes, Peyton Manning constantly uses his core as he rewrites the NFL record books. Find out how he developed crucial core power with a series of challening exercises.

Peyton Manning's Upper-Body Strength Routine

Maintaining a powerful throwing shoulder requires strenghtneing all the muscles of the upper body. Watch how NFL All-Pro QB Peyton Manning keeps his passes crisp all season long with this upper-body strength routine.