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Non-traditional sports that are growing in popularity at the high school and collegiate level include field hockey, rugby, gymnastics, water polo and others. Field hockey and rugby require short-burst speed and enhanced aerobic conditioning to perform at the highest level throughout a game, in addition to full-body strength for positioning and winning one-on-one battles. Gymnasts must also possess total-body strength and flexibility to perform the complex movements specific to their events. Water polo athletes must train lower-body power to drive through the water, gain shoulder strength to help with injury prevention and improve overall flexibility. Enhance skills for your sport with advice from today's top trainers and athletes.

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Sarah Reinertsen's Core and Yoga Ironman Training

In Episode 3 of our exclusive STACK.com video series featuring challenged athlete and world-renowned triathlete Sarah Reinertsen, we explore the core ...

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Sarah Reinertsen's Ironman Nutrition and Recovery Strategy

In the fourth episode of our video series featuring challenged athlete and Ironman Sarah Reinertsen, we explore Sarah's nutrition and recovery strategy that she uses to replenish her body after a grueling training session.

Sarah Reinertsen's Core & Yoga Ironman Training

Challenged Ironman athlete Sarah Reinertsen gives us an in-depth look into her core and yoga training in Episode Three of a four-part STACK exclusive series.

Core Training With U.S. Gymnast Brandon Wynn

U.S. Olympic gymnast Brandon Wynn shows how to perform Hanging Leg Raises, the exercise he uses to build the incredible core strength needed to be an elite gymnast.

Sarah Reinertsen's Ironman Training

In Episode 2 of our video series featuring challenged athlete Sarah Reinertsen, we break down her rigourous Ironman training in the water, on the bike and on land.

Sarah Reinertsen: Meeting the Challenge

Challenged athlete and world-renowned triathlete Sarah Reinertsen discusses overcoming adversity after losing her leg and how it fueled her journey to become an Ironman.