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Build Total-Body Strength with These Loaded Carry Variations

When you think of ways to train your "core," what exercises do you think of? Is a loaded carry included, probably not.. Hip flexion based exercises like...

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The Ultimate Football Sled Conditioning Workout

With summer in full swing, football players across the nation are engaging in two a day practices to get in shape for the season. One of the oldest...

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Jump 4 to 8 Inches Higher With These Vertical Jump Exercises

When talking vertical jump training, it is hard to avoid the depth jump in the conversation. The depth jump is the most specific way to overload...

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What the Early End of U.S. Marathoner Ryan Hall's Career Can Teach Athletes About Overtraining Syndrome

Every athlete wants to be the best at their individual sport, which is why they spend countless hours in the weight room, on the field, and out on the...

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2 Common Workout Mistakes That Increase Your Chance of Injury

Building Muscle and getting strong is a crucial aspect of maximizing your athleticism, but if what you do in the weight room leaves you injured, all of...

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