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This Training Mistake Ruins Your Explosiveness

We all reach plateaus in our training. The more advanced we become, the more likely our progress is to stagnate. We think endlessly about why we're...

By: Jake Tuura

How to Supercharge Your Speed With Resistance Bands

Super Charge your SPEED Training with Banded Resistance Key Points Bands provide resistance throughout the full range of motion Training through...

By: PJ Nestler

How to Run Faster and Longer

**(HOW TO RUN FASTER AND LONGER)While sprinting is just one of the countless skills needed to be successful in sports, many games are won or lost by a...

By: Scott Gunter

Ditch the Sprints. Here's How to Build True Sports Speed

Stop and think: How many times have you had to run sprints in practice to improve your speed? Now ask yourself: How many times have you run a straight...

By: Chip Smith

Unique Training Method Fuels Comeback of Former Top-10 NFL Draft Pick

Chip Smith knows a thing or two about training pass rushers to get to the quarterback. The renowned performance specialist has long been the trai...

By: Zac Clark