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Nutrition Experts Selected the Best Diet for 2017, And You've Probably Never Heard Of It

The best diet isn't paleo. Nor is it vegetarianism. It's not Weight Watchers, South Beach, Atkins or going vegan, either. Nope, according to a ...

By: Brandon Hall

The Paleo Diet For Endurance Athletes: A Guide To Training Without Carbs

If you're an endurance runner or athlete, chances are your diet is a key aspect to your training. The food you eat affects your energy, both how quickly...

By: Gary Moller

Why Exclusionary Diets Like Paleo Are Problematic

Diets are a tricky—and often touchy—subject. Some swear by certain ways of eating, while detractors point to flaws in an eating strategy. Most rec...

By: Andy Haley

Is the Paleo Diet Good for Athletes?

Beyond the Cave: After attending the annual Food and Nutrition Conference in Nashville recently, I decided to write a few "bites" on the Diet and...

By: Amy Jamieson-Petonic

Study Ranks Paleo As Second-Worst Diet

Much like the CrossFit craze that's produced many of its adherents, the Paleo diet has grown exponentially more popular in recent years. But a new...

By: Maddy Lucier