Path to the Pros 2015

STACK followed this year's top prospects as they hit the gym to get ready for the NFL Combine and Draft.

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Phillip Dorsett Might Be the Fastest Receiver Alive, But He Wants to Be More Than That

Not  many people can claim to be the fastest person alive, but former Miami Hurricanes wide receiver Phillip Dorsett has a legitimate claim to th...

By: Jordan Zirm

Missouri Linebacker Shane Ray: 'I Have Full Faith and Confidence In What I Can Do at the Next Level'

You'd think, after being named SEC Defensive Player of the Year, your path to the NFL would be paved with gold. But like his former teammate Michael S...

By: Jordan Zirm

Danny Shelton: Path to the Pros

At the EXOS training facility in San Diego, a 340-pound man is crawling on the floor. He looks like the world's largest baby. An agility cone rest...

By: Zac Clark

Introducing the 2015 'All-Gaines NFL Combine Team'

His pre-draft training programs have produced first-round draft picks every year since 2010, including Andrew Luck, the number 1 selection in 201...

By: Zac Clark

Behind the Scenes at the NFL Combine: A First-Hand Account of What You Don't See at the World's Biggest Workout

The NFL Combine looks pretty glamorous. Sure, there's pressure; but it's basically a bunch of gifted athletes showing up in Indianapolis, getting ...

By: Brandon Hall