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Patrick Mahomes Wants to Shatter the Stereotype of a System Quarterback

Patrick Mahomes stands in front of a whiteboard, right hand tightly gripping a Sharpie, and he's drawing. His head and the pristinely constructed faux...

By: Jordan Zirm

You'll Never Believe How Far NFL Prospect Patrick Mahomes Can Throw a Football

Patrick Mahomes, the Texas Tech quarterback who hopes to hear his name called in the first round of the NFL Draft next month, owns a cannon. It is att...

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The Songs 7 NFL Prospects Would Come on Stage To If the NFL Allowed Walk-Up Music at the Draft

One of the best things about being a professional baseball player is the opportunity to select whatever song you want to blast out of the speakers as ...

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How 3 Top NFL Draft Prospects Plan to Celebrate Their First Big Play as a Pro

Despite the NFL's dedication to fully embracing its "No Fun League" moniker by launching a yellow flag in the air to penalize even the most innocent o...

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NFL QB Prospect Patrick Mahomes Had No Clue He'd Thrown for More Than 700 Yards Against Oklahoma

As the 2017 NFL Draft rapidly approaches, you're going to start hearing Patrick Mahomes' name a lot. The gunslinging Texas Tech quarterback is already...

By: Jordan Zirm