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A Matter of Taste: Why We Now Love Foods We Used to Hate

I used to hate Brussels sprouts. And coffee. And dark chocolate. And kale. And a wide-range of other foods I now adore. I know I'm not alone. Ask an...

By: Brandon Hall

Julius Peppers Will Never Stop Getting Sacks

The NFL has gone high-tech. New for the 2015 season, every player has a tracker embedded in his shoulder pads that collects data like velocity, distan...

By: Brandon Hall

The Workout and Diet Plan for Flat Abs

You need 2 things for great abs. A flat abs workout A flat abs diet plan. Abs are made in the kitchen. Today I'm going to hook you up with both! The...

By: Ben Boudro

9 Foods to Eat When You Want to Lose Fat

9 Foods for Fat Loss Whether you track macros, eat Paleo, or go on a juice cleanse, the real struggle with a fat loss diet is the hunger and desire to...

By: Mason Woodruff

Music in Sports: Michael Beasley's 'A Thousand Miles' Solo

Sports and music are more intertwined than ever before. Each week, STACK brings you the latest news blending the worlds of music and sports. L...

By: Maddy Lucier